Monty Python as D&D Characters

Used Google's Bard AI this time to create the character classes, but did a little tweaking because a Dragonborn Terry Gilliam was exceedingly difficult to create in Midjourney. 😬

John Cleese is a human cleric.

Eric Idle is a half-elf bard.

Michael Palin is a dwarf fighter.

Terry Gilliam
is an elf wizard.

Graham Chapman is a gnome rogue.

Terry Jones is a human bard.

From Bard - Sure, here is a D&D campaign setting for the members of Monty Python:

The setting is a world called Montyland, which is a strange and wonderful place where anything is possible. The party can explore the many different lands of Montyland, including the Holy Grail Castle, the Castle Anthrax, and the Black Knight's Castle. They can also meet many of the famous characters from Monty Python, such as the Knights Who Say Ni, the French Taunter, and the Bridge of Death.

The party's goal is to find the Holy Grail, which is said to be hidden somewhere in Montyland. Along the way, they will have to overcome many challenges, such as the Knights Who Say Ni, the Bridge of Death, and the Castle Anthrax. However, they will also have many opportunities to have fun and adventure, such as exploring the many different lands of Montyland and meeting the many famous characters from Monty Python.

Here are some ideas for encounters that the party could face in Montyland:
  • The Knights Who Say Ni: The Knights Who Say Ni are a group of knights who are always looking for someone to say the word "Ni" to. If the party says the word "Ni", the Knights will attack them.
  • The Bridge of Death: The Bridge of Death is a bridge that the party must cross in order to reach the Holy Grail. The bridge is guarded by a fierce dragon, and the party will have to defeat the dragon in order to cross the bridge.
  • The Castle Anthrax: The Castle Anthrax is a castle that is full of beautiful women. However, the women are actually evil witches, and the party will have to be careful not to get turned into frogs or other creatures by the witches.