Paw Patrol as D&D Party

 And we're still on this kick - Paw Patrol characters as a D&D party using ChatGPT and Midjourney!

Ryder - Paladin: Ryder is a courageous and noble leader, making him a perfect fit for the Paladin class. His ability to inspire and rally his team makes him a valuable asset in any party.

Marshall - Bard: Marshall is a fun-loving pup with a big heart and a love for music. His natural charisma and sense of humor make him a perfect fit for the Bard class.

Chase - Ranger: Chase is a skilled tracker and investigator, making him a natural fit for the Ranger class. His discipline and focus also make him a strong member of any party.

Skye - Druid: Skye is a brave and adventurous pup who loves nature. Her connection to the natural world makes her a perfect fit for the Druid class.

Rubble - Barbarian: Rubble is a tough and determined pup with a love for heavy lifting and construction. His brute strength and unyielding determination make him a natural fit for the Barbarian class.

Rocky - Rogue: Rocky is a resourceful and clever pup with a knack for problem-solving. His stealth and cunning make him a valuable member of any party as a Rogue.

Zuma - Cleric: Zuma is a skilled healer and often uses his abilities to tend to the wounds of his companions and those in need. He is a kind and compassionate soul, always looking for ways to help others and bring a sense of hope and peace to those around him.

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